Parameters to Monitor Database

Monitor Drug Therapy Effectiveness with Accepted Recommendations and Restrictions

With proactive monitoring, patients' therapeutic outcomes can be measured and potential adverse drug effects can be identified. This file provides recommended procedures, lab tests and physical assessments to be performed or reviewed during drug therapy to help improve those outcomes.

What It Does for Your Business

  • Generates alerts when lab tests should be ordered or when procedures/assessments need to be performed
  • Equips doctors with decision support information for drug selection and patient counseling
  • Supports caregivers in monitoring drug therapy on an ongoing basis
  • Helps reduce adverse drug effects by helping you proactively monitor drug therapy
  • Helps improve efficiency by helping you to proactively identify recommended lab tests and procedures

What It Provides

  • Recommended lab tests, physical assessments, panels and diagnostic procedures, including initial timing, frequency and duration
  • Restrictions that describe a patient population or medical condition to which that parameter only applies
  • Special conditions that provide information about a patient population or medical condition to which that parameter especially applies
  • Monitoring "protocols" specific to the general population or the long-term care facility

Delivery and Required Solutions

Delivery Options


  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Required Companion Solutions